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The success of our customers is the foundation of our own success. During the course of over 1 000 industrial projects we have had good and bad experiences. We transfer this knowledge to our customers.

We help you to help yourself – and then judge us by our results.

Our strengths and experience lie in three main areas of expertise:

Technical documentation


Foreign language management

These days almost every company is a global player and must face the challenges of international competition.

We advise companies on how to achieve optimal results at minimal expense. This applies to medium-size enterprises as well as corporates.

We assist you in compiling an operating manual in half the time usually required.

We assist you to cut the costs of translation to a minimum.

We assist you to reduce the costs by up to 50% while maintaining the same level of quality.

Technical documentation

A good editing solution assists the editor in such a way that he or she is able to work productively after 4 hours of familiarisation.

Foreign language management

Our customers can automatically recognise content that has not changed. In this way, the duplication of translations is avoided.


We advise firms, implement the outcomes and help them to help themselves.

Globeltag is a service provider and consulting company serving the areas Technical Documentation, Translation Management, and Process Optimisation. We specialise in analysing processes and filtering out options for our customers to help them accomplish significant savings through minor changes.

We not only offer advice, but also implement these processes and encourage our customers to evaluate us based on the results we achieve. Globeltag works independently of platforms, as this is the only way of ensuring that we can provide objective advice to our customers. Upon request, we provide full-service packages to our customers and take over entire groups of activities.